Drive End-to-End Digital Transformation

It is indeed a big idea- all enterprises, big or small can unleash transformational outcomes by combining power of Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation & AI. BigIdea Technologies offers comprehensive Intelligent Automation capabilities across industries. So whatever be your bigidea, we can make it happen with you, for you.

About Us

End to End Digital Transformation Initiatives are often challenging.

Lack of budgets to support experimental automation programs, Scant innovation teams covering a wide range of technology landscape,  Lack of measurable ROIs to prove the value behind automation, Inability of a partner to bring business context and technology together. 

Intelligent Automation Landscape is very broad and continuously evolving.

New Technologies,  New Platforms, New Providers getting added everyday.

BigIdea Technologies offers comprehensive Process, Automation & AI capabilities and deep industry knowledge.

Founded by a team of senior IT executives that have background in Data, Analytics, Intelligent Automation, , Robotic Process Automation, Business Processes & Project Delivery across industries like Utilities, Manufacturing, Financial Services, LifeSciences and HealthCare.

What We Do