Get eyes on your process using Process Mining

Process Mining

What is Process Mining

 Process mining is an analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring, and improving real processes (i.e., not assumed processes) by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems.

Process mining offers objective, fact-based insights, derived from actual event logs, that help you audit, analyze, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions.

Fig: Visualize your business process

Fig: Visualize your business process

What can we help with

Process Discovery

Discover your process and  create a rich, dynamic, visual representation, based on your own data and fact-based rules, of exactly how your process flows through your organization. 

Process Analytics

Answer key questions about your processes that you've always wanted to know-who, what, when, where, how. Identify and highlight inefficiencies, resource intensive steps, bottlenecks in the process as well as opportunities for improvement.

Generate Insights & Suggest Next Best Actions

Identify & Manage Key Performance Indicators,  Perform Root Cause Analysis, Establish a reference process model, Suggest Next Best Actions to take basis insights at hand, optimize and monitor conformance to changes made.

Financial Analysis

Identify money flows in the process and do impact analysis for identifying cost of reworks or process inefficiencies.

Process Audit & Compliance

 Assess compliance, test key controls such as segregation of duties, compare actual practices against the practices called for in law or policy. 

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