Intelligent Automation = RPA + Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Automation

What is Intelligent Automation

Intelligent or Cognitive Automation means having bots that learn from people how to handle unstructured and unclear data so processes can be automated from end-to-end. 

As per Everest Group- “It is the capability to automate content-centric processes that makes AI an ideal complementary technology to RPA. Using a combination of the two, organizations can automate processes end-to-end e.g. take in documents using Artificial Intelligence(AI)- parse, classify, and understand meaning or sentiment and pass on the required action to RPA. Finish by composing an acknowledgement letter/text or email to the client using Intelligent Automation.” 


AI powering Intelligent Automation

RECOGNIZE ( Computer Vision)

 Identifies and categorizes unstructured content allowing the bot to intelligently extract decision-making data 

UNDERSTAND ( Natural Language Processing)

 Comprehends the meaning and intent of content to improve decision making 

ENRICH (Fuzzy Logic)

 Conducts phonetic algorithm and fuzzy string matching against enterprise applications to validate and enrich extracted data 

IMPROVE (Machine Learning)

 Learns by observing human behavior and develops domain expertise increasing accuracy and reducing exceptions 

What can we help with

Data Extraction & Classification

Use Intelligent Automation to Read & Extract Data from forms, documents, emails for further handoff to various enterprise applications for Straight Through Processing(STP)

Image Recognition & Processing

Using artificial intelligence(AI) & Computer Vision to convert unstructured images into data.

Speech to Text & Sentiment Analysis

Analyze sentiment of voice, text or chat input using Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Classify inputs to route them to right teams

Execute requests and actions from chatbots, voice assistants using Intelligent Automation

Technologies we specialize in


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